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Hedge Trimmers

Hedge TrimmerEven as a professional horticulturist I am often bewildered by the vast range of garden machinery now available to the modern gardener whether you are just a keen amateur, seasoned pro or simply someone who just wants to keep their garden tidy with the minimum in fuss or cost then I guess you must be equally confused. I have literally used hundreds of types of hedge trimmers during my time, and always researched well prior to buying any piece of new machinery, even so, I willingly admit to having purchased some junk in the past, and sometimes the wrong type of machine for the job.

So, I write this guide to try to help you make a better or at least better informed choice, the items that I have reviewed have been carefully chosen by using several criteria, such as the manufacturer they will be well known with no big problems in the past and have a good reputation for quality and durability, they may not be as well known as some of the over “hyped” TV brands but in the real world just because they are on TV does not make them any good, especially as far as petrol trimmers are concerned it is important that they can be maintained when required so I have chosen makes that can easily be maintained.

My main criteria is value for money I see no point in paying the full recommended price when you can save as much as 50% when you buy online through Amazon offer good discounts and have a great reputation so if there is a problem with delivery to the purchase you can be sure you will be well served.

Some manufactures refuse to allow their products to be sold at discounted prices if this is the case you must carefully consider if you really need that particular make or model and pay full price or can compromise any buy a very similar and equally good tool at half the price? So if I have not reviewed a particular make or model it may be for one or another of the following reasons, the truth is there are hundreds of trimmers on the market and I cannot review them all so I have stuck to the most popular makes and models, Some makes are complete rubbish full of little but hype I am not going to name them for legal reasons, some are good garden tools but are just too expensive and do not represent value for money so I will not review them, some manufacturers and some models have gained a bad reputation and or have received more than their fair share of bad reviews so clearly I will not recommend them.

However of course the model that you are interested in may simply have overlooked my attention or be very new to the market in which case i am sorry but I can’t review them all.

Which Type ?

Answering this question is the hard part, it is so important to get the right type of hedge trimmer that is right for you and your garden or anywhere else you may envisage using your hedge trimmer, there are numerous types of trimmers on the market, and yes while they all may trim a hedge (some better than others I might add) they all have plus points and limitations, some are ideal for a small garden others better suited for a large garden and a few are better off in the bin, so please spend just a few moments reading this what type section, once you have decided what type of trimmer you need then simply browse that section of the menu and find the right model for you.

When choosing a trimmer it is not just your garden you must consider, you must also consider how much time you are willing to devote to trimming your hedge i.e a petrol trimmer will make short work of a large garden whereas a standard electric trimmer will take a good while longer, but of course the petrol trimmer will be more expensive to buy and more difficult to handle, so lots of points to consider, so in the different types below I have tried to outline the pros and cons of each for your consideration.

Standard Electric Trimmer
The most popular type of Hedge trimmer for good reason in the most part they are a reliable tool and may be the obvious choice for the small to medium garden, where the hedges are kept manageable, they are: Lightweight Easy to use Quite effective at what they do if used within their limitations Require little attention Offer good value for money (depending upon model)

However They are fairly limited to small to medium gardens Are not as powerful as petrol trimmers They need a nearby source of electricity and the dreaded lead or two

Petrol Hedge Trimmer
Second in popularity only to the electric trimmer and as motor technology has improved they are becoming lighter, more fuel efficient and getting cheaper, they will never be as light or as easy to use as the electric trimmer but have improved no end in recent years, the obvious choice for the medium to large garden as long as you feel happy using a more powerful trimmer. Very Powerful Can tackle small branches with ease Can be used anywhere Minimum maintenance Able to deal with a large job quickly

However They are heavier and need more control They are a lot noisier They are more expensive They (of course) need petrol

Long Reach Hedge Trimmers
As the name would suggest they are for very tall or wide hedges and basically work by giving either extended reach or an extended cutting edge, they come in both petrol, electric or cordless due to the basics of having less leverage one will tend to have less control when used at the end of their cutting length, so if you are able to reach that most distant part of the hedge using a step ladder then that may well be the best thing to do.
Versatile giving extended reach or trimming ability Give a longer length of cut

However They are more difficult to control (hence slower) They will not cut as well at the extent of the cut Should only be limited to where needed (long reach)

Cordless Hedge Trimmers
A few years ago these were not worth mentioning they lacked power the batteries ran flat very quickly and they were expensive for what they offered, now due to new battery technology especially Lithium-ion things have change dramatically at last we have an electric trimmer that does not require electricity or a lead, the new “petrol” well not quite yet! Lightweight and easy to use especially lithium-ion powered machines Quickly recharged (lithium-ion)Like petrol require no external power source or of course petrol Quiet in use

However They are not suited to really heavy duty cutting They are still relatively expensive Spare batteries are very expensive (lithium-ion).

String Trimmers

String trimmers known as line trimmers or garden trimmers, have become one of the most popular yard care tools since their creation in the 1970′s. They can be found in electric, gas, or battery powered models. The electric model is most popular to home owners due to its lightweight construction and ease of handling. Gas powered models require a heavier motor, plus the weight of the gasoline making them more awkward to use, although the freedom of not being attached to a cord makes them a better option for professional landscapers. The battery powered models are rising in popularity, however short battery life makes them impractical for large areas. All three models use a plastic string instead of a blade to cut down grass and weeds.

Sworn String Trimmer

SwornThis trimmer is ideal for finishing work in places where the lawn mower can not reach. Practice, it is equipped with the system Tap & Go: no need to constantly replace the worn over the walls and borders since the semi-automatic system leaves come from the wire as needed. Functional, it has a head tilt and height adjustable handle and swivel 180 °. Its function draws the border and protects plants make a complete product.

  • Energy Engine: Battery / rechargeable batteries
  • Handle Type: Telescopic
  • Cutting width: 23 cm

Gardena AccuCut 450 Li String Trimmer

Gardena AccuCut 450 LiFeatures:

  • Lightweight and easy to use, Turbo trimmer AccuCut 450 Li Gardena is ideal for cutting long lawn and in places difficult to access.
  • Easy maintenance, replaceable lithium-ion battery is very powerful, allowing for outstanding cutting performance.
  • Rotor-Cut System used for this purpose ensures precise cutting results and is extremely quiet.
  • The extra-large switch allows effortless operation.
  • Additional adjustable and large handle makes it easy to direct the trimmer.
  • For more comfort during operation, the telescopic handle can be adjusted to the stature of the user.
  • Thanks to the tilt angle of 90 ° cut, the drooping edges are easy to cut.
  • Adjusting the angle of the handle to the head trimmer facilitates work in hard to reach places, such as banks.
  • To cut grass near massive and flower beds, it is possible to use a protective frame of plants to protect the plantations.
  • The safety switch prevents accidental start Turbo trimmer. Turbo trimmer is accompanied by a fully equipped with a battery pack, a battery charger, storage for spare blades and 20 spare blades.
  • No tools are required to adjust the hood.
  • Even easier to guide the device, additional wheels can be folded and used as needed.
  • The cutting diameter is 230 mm.
  • The lithium-ion outputting 18V battery / 1.6 Ah provides a range of about 30 minutes.
  • This is sufficient to treat approximately 1000 m edge.
  • If the battery is exhausted, the charging time is about 3 hours.

Einhell Bg-pt 2538 String Trimmer

Einhell Bg-pt 2538Features:

  • Easy to use, cutting edge heat is ideal for finishing: below tree, roadside
  • Easy to store, this trimmer Einhell is designed in two parts for easy assembly and optimized storage.
  • Equipped with a 2-stroke engine, it reduced vibration.
  • Very handy, this trimmer is equipped with a continuously adjustable handle for greater accuracy and its handle is made of aluminum.
  • Functional, it is provided with a double thread with advancement which allows automatic change without tools.

Ryobi String Trimmer


  • Trimmers 26 cc automatic return StartEasy ™ for quick and easy start-up.
  • Advanced for optimized performance and low emissions engine design (Carbon Neutral certified for Co2 reduced to zero carbon offset product).
  • Ergonomic design and low weight.
  • It’s removable for transport and storage facilities.
  • This trimmer is compatible with all the tools of the Expand-it ™ range, transforming the original tool in 8 different garden tools.
  • Reel-Easy ™ head: charging system for quick and easy wire (insert the wire and turn the knob).
  • Product comes with a pod oil mixture for 2 strokes, full Reel-Easy ™ head double thread with 6 feet of wire and a key service.

McCulloch T22LCSMC String Trimmer


  • A powerful engine! Its maximum power is reached at 66% of engine capacity: which ensures comfort, durability, less vibration and noise.
  • Robust and reliable, the engine of this trimmer is equipped with a thermal centrifuge clutch with dual boot authentication and in case of obstacles.
  • For longevity, complete crankshaft is mounted on ball bearings.
  • Its soft start system allows an easy start: priming pump gas and spring for – 40% effort at start-up.
  • To avoid flooding the engine, this trimmer is equipped with an automatic return of the stop button.
  • Simple to use, its head robust wireless system allows advanced dual wire automatically hits the ground.
  • Convenient and easy to carry, the tree is split for easy storage.
  • Ideal for homes located in residential areas.

BOSCH ART 30 String Trimmer

BOSCH ART 30Features:

  • Single combined system with a coil for normal grass and one coil to the wild grass.
  • Cut and finish the edges to the vertical through the swivel head 90 ° for faster and easier progression.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design with perfect balance and adjustable telescopic handle 35 cm to 115 cm.
  • Removable wheels for easy handling.
  • “High-Power” motor 500 W. Adjusting the angle of the handle for easy cutting under bushes and benches.
  • It has a retractable bracket to keep away from walls and fences for the protection of plants.
  • It has a second coil housing to the handle.
  • Accessories: bobbin thread and High Performance (6 units), removable wheels, protective bracket.

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